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People-Powered Participatory Action Research



We are Black Donors

We understand the immense power of everyday giving and its immense potential to drive change and transformation.  The Black Donors Project harnesses the transformative power of the arts within Black communities to research the intersectionality of Black philanthropic giving as a form of activism, challenging colonial influences in traditional philanthropy. Utilizing diverse access points, The Black Donors Project is dedicated to exploring and strengthening the interdependent connection between Black art, Black artists, and philanthropic activism through participatory action research.


As a grassroots participatory action research project, our mission is to celebrate and enhance the profound history of Black philanthropy, particularly its intersection with the arts. Black artists and Black arts donors often serve as co-conspirators in the fight for liberation and freedom. Our objective is to utilize surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews to reveal and reflect the intricate intergenerational bonds between Black art donors, Black artists, and the myriad movements within the Black community. Through our activities, we seek to underscore the charitable contributions of Black communities to the arts and their role as catalysts for transformation.


The goal is to utilize people-powered research to gain a thorough understanding of the distinct philanthropic tendencies within Black communities. Armed with these insights, we cultivate solutions based on community dialogues, aiming to overcome any obstacles that may limit our capacity as donors to enrich Black-led initiatives that adeptly respond to community needs.

About The Black Donors Project  

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Why the Arts?

The Black Donors Project recognizes the arts as a powerful tool to research and understand Black philanthropic giving as a form of activism. The arts hold a significant place within Black communities, serving as a means of expression, identity affirmation, and resistance. By studying the intersections of the arts and Black philanthropic giving, we aim to highlight the transformative potential of everyday giving within our communities.


In contrast to colonized philanthropic practices that prioritize wealth, financial alignment, and tokenization, our focus on the arts allows us to center Black voices, challenge oppressive narratives, and drive social change from within our communities. Through people-powered research, we strive to reshape philanthropy by amplifying the cultural capital of the arts and strengthening our efforts as Black donors to become agents of change one small donation at a time.

Why the Pink?

The pink hue captures the celebratory spirit and resilience that is the legacy of Black philanthropy. Simultaneously, it serves as a clarion call to prioritize Black women, Black girls, and Black woman-aligned or femme identities in all philanthropic endeavors.

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